About Peter Geraerdts

I am passionate about Africa and photography. I have been fortunate enough to combine these passions and offer photographic safaris in the South Luangwa National Park in Zambia. I am also a professional Luangwa safari guide. Combining the two means that I can offer a personalized photographic experience like no other. I also own and run Track and Trail Safaris together with Kirsten Gottenkieny. Track and Trail is a beautiful personalized lodge on the banks of the Luangwa River.

In 2003 I completed my ‘immobilisation’ course in Zimbabwe with a view of helping wounded animals who had become victims of poachers. I am also a member of the HWPO (Honorary Wildlife Police Officers). HWPO officers are non- governmental officers who help out local wildlife authorities with certain conservation projects in their free time.

As a keen photographer, I’m sure you would like to know the equipment I use, so here it goes:

  • Canon bodies: 5D mark III – 1DX
  • Lenses: 16 – 24mm – F2.8 / 24 – 70 mm – F2.8 / 70 -200mm II USM- F2.8 / 200-400mm IS USM F4.0
Venomous snakes in Zambia, Snake photography

The Mozambique spitting cobra

I’m fascinated by all creatures that can be found outdoors, but I’m especially ‘charmed’ by the specter of venomous snakes. I rarely see snakes like this here in the Luangwa Valley, so when I do, I take the opportunity of capturing some pictures while the moment lasts.

(Sun) glasses are an absolute necessity for this job!